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 [RedAssaut & Ikuzze] Lightning Burst 2

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PostSubject: [RedAssaut & Ikuzze] Lightning Burst 2    Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:43 pm

Finally Lightning Burst 2 ! Personnaly, i'm really happy that you're watching this collab that is , in my opining, well edited and i think that we really improved since the last LB.But this collab wasn't easy to edit : We failed a lot of time before finishing this second part. And as i'm always saying, Lightning Burst  is serie made to delight you people! Good viewing !!  blink
(my english is beautiful not ?? xDDD)

Anime : All in outro  :face:
Song : All faces down - Stop to fall
DDL : mediafire.com watch/r5g8tq4u39di178/LB2finifdp_montage_deluxe.mp4

Baws  Oww is dat so?  ;b   
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[RedAssaut & Ikuzze] Lightning Burst 2
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