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 [DanParthenis] Drowned | Japan Expo 2015

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PostSubject: [DanParthenis] Drowned | Japan Expo 2015   Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:00 pm

Editor: DanParthenis
Download Link: mediafire.com ?4rsvbgww17z6s4c
Animes Used:
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
5 centimeters per second

Song/Artist: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Contest Participating/ed: Japan Expo 2015

Hey guys, so basically this is my entry for Japan expo this year, unfortunatly it didn't get into the finalists but ya know, I learned a lot of new ae skills making this and I personally think it is my most sophisticated work yet. The story hopefully is obviously enough but incase some of you got confused it is a story i wrote once b4 in an essay and decided to bring it to life in an amv, it tells the story of a typical relationship between a guy and a girl but focuses on their unfortunate seperation, the girl who was so devastated that she will never see her partner again as she still loves him decides that this is the end of the road for her so she decided to take a leap into death as she believes that even death is better than life without the one she loves. Then when she Jumps (spoiler alert incase your reading this b4 uv watched the vid) he jumps in after her as he regrets his decision last minute, even though he decided too late at least he managed to die with her in his embrace, even though it is not technically a happy ending, it kinda is since they will forever be frozen in time as the couple that they wanted to be remembered as and they died smiling. I came up with this as it is slightly inspired by a few strands of my own life and also from other tales that I have seen unravel infront of me. I truly hope that you guys can at least enjoy it and as always stay tuned for more minna.

Huge thanks To:
RedAngel, MissTitannia, ENP
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[DanParthenis] Drowned | Japan Expo 2015
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